Training Department


Once you have ordered and paid on our website you will be directed to the link to view and download all training material related to your order.  All our training materials are compiled and moderated by qualified engineers. The course leader will also be available to assist you should you have questions about the training material. In our lessons you will learn everything you need to know about programming, maintenance and fault finding tasks. The aim of our Virtual Training is to give you the same experience as if you were attending at our Training Center.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic contact lessons have been cancelled. You are encouraged to utilize our online portal for interaction with the course and the instructor.

Who is this Course For?

This course is for anyone who is interested in learning PLC programming, working with PLCs, while being able to fault find automated systems, execute modifications and maintain the machinery in the production line


Technology is rapidly changing and new products are emerging. The usage of automation has increased more than tenfold in each industry.

The present young generation of engineers is intelligent and ready to work hard. Unfortunately, they are not sufficiently exposed to actual industrial environment. Moreover, the present education system lacks a great deal in imparting basic and fundamental knowledge and practical aspects of engineering.

We intend to share our expertise developed over many years to fill this void by imparting practical aspects of engineering and exposing junior engineers to the latest state of art equipment’s. This will make them absolutely competent enough to take on any challenge .It will also help in preparing them for job opportunities.